Hope 2 


While driving upto Doon valley on Saharanpur-Dehradun highway, you notice several tiny camps on either side of the winding and climbing road. There are herds of buffaloes resting on dried stream beds in the centre of the camps . Most of these huts display tattered bed sheets spread on their wall crevices across the roof. These are the camps of “Van Gujjars” , a community of over 10,000 nomads who shuttle between Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Kumaon, Uttarkashi and other higher regions of Uttarakhand and foothills of Shivalik Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Skoch Development Foundation initiated the project at Mohand, Saharanpur where the foundation has set up a mobile school for Van Gujjars. This nomadic tribe has no access to education at all. SDF not only helped them in setting up a mobile school , we also assisted them in preparing a curriculum that helps the children of this tribe get solid educational foundation .

The foundation helped them in attaching a teacher with the mobile education programme as a result of which this community is getting the benefit of computer aided learning.