57th SKOCH Summit - Jai Hind - Practising Patriotism, 
23rd March 2019, Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, New Delhi


Who should Sponsor?

  • If you have ever described patriotism as a core corporate value.
  • If you have never described patriotism as a core corporate value. Start now.
  • If you are a profitable Indian business.
  • If you are a foreign business wanting to reinforce corporate citizenship.

We need sponsors. Contact: patriots@skoch.in +91-9811156688

Who should Donate?

  • If you believe promoting patriotism is also your responsibility.
  • If you want to see stronger institutions and participatory democracy.
  • If you would like your next generation to live and work in a better India.

Donations to SKOCH Development Foundation. Contact: patriots@skoch.org. Donate: donation.skoch.in

Who should Participate?

  • If you are skilled in good corporate governance.
  • If you are an MSME or wish to support small businesses.
  • If you have high order cyber security skills.
  • If you can contribute to a task force.

  • Contact: participate@skoch.in