1st Skoch Summit - Imperatives for Inclusive Growth, 
26th March 2003, The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi

1st Skoch Summit

1st Skoch Summit 2003 
Imperatives for Inclusive Growth

26th March 2003, The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi, India



1st Skoch Summit was held on the 26th March 2003 at the Oberoi Hetel, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg, New Delhi - 110003, India. The seminar was attended by more than 150 delegates who came from the US, Singapore and all of India. That included analysts, CIOs, CEOs, academia and the government.

Skoch numbers over the years have become a benchmark for the ITindustry, analysts and even the government for getting a real grassroot level perspective on where we are headed.

There was a panel discussion with participation from the industry,academia, media and the government on the issue: "An Agenda forEncouraging SME Software Exports".

1st Skoch Summit 2003, coincided with the Skoch Challengers 2003 Awards. The Summit has assumed special importance in view of the persisting uncertainties concerning the slump in the IT industry, trade barriers in export territories, the Digital Divide and international hostilities.

In an industry littered with awards that focused only on revenues, we recently presented the Challengers 2003 Awards which brought a unique positioning to the Indian IT industry. The Challengers Awads were based on the following criteria: Companies that are expected to double their market share in three years or earlier, Fastest growing companies & Lifetime Achievement.