8th Skoch Summit - Saluting Best Practices, 
28th March 2006, Hotel Intercontinental Eros, New Delhi

8th Skoch Summit

8th Skoch Summit 2006 
Saluting Best Practices

28th March 2008, Hotel Intercontinental Eros, New Delhi, India

The Annual Skoch Summit  - held at Intercontinental Eros Hotel, New Delhi. Case studies which have made remarkable impact on changing people's life and have revolutionized the way business is transacted through exemplary use of ICT in areas of social transformation, development, e-governance, Banking and financial services (BFSI), education and affordable computingand were showcased along with leadership talks and panel discussions. 

Skoch Summit over the years has emerged as the most prestigious and respected annual confluence for Indian IT Industry which is a serious and senior gathering of about 200 delegates from both India and abroad consisting of central and state government functionaries, academia, IT industry, economists, NGOs, analysts and large users - all stake holders in ICT-led development of India.