10th Skoch Summit - Identifying Replicable Projects, 
17th August 2006, Hotel Intercontinental Eros, New Delhi

10th Skoch Summit

10th Skoch Summit 2006 
Identifying Replicable Projects
17th August 2006, HOTEL Intercontinental Eros, New Delhi, India

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e-Governance will be successful only if we manage the diversity and come up with projects that benefit the end customer. One of the major challenges that India faces today is that of diversity. Managing it is a daunting task. Standards are different in each state. Some projects for managing land records have been a great success but whether they can be applied to the nation as a whole is the question. The measuring methodology, referencing etc., in case of land records is not just different between the states but at times within the same state. This makes the task even more complex. Collecting and compiling the basic data is itself a gargantuan ask in the country of our size. And the dilemma is that unless you have this data, you cannot move even an inch forward.

The next challenge that confronts us that India is not Singapore that we can go in for complete transformations in just one shot. We have to do things in well-planned phases.  Take the case of vehicular registration and driving licenses. The Gujarat government decided to adopt the smart card technology for licenses. This makes it totally different from the system in Delhi. We cannot afford to have different systems and there is a need to standardize.

Skoch created a detailed roadmap for identifying and scaling various e-Governance NIC projects from across the country.