21st Skoch Summit  - Infrastructure, Finance/Governance, 
10th - 11th November 2009, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi,

21st Skoch Summit 2009

1st Skoch Summit 2009 | Infrastructure, Finance & Governance
10th - 11th November 2009, New Delhi, India
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Infrastructure, Finance and Governance

The 21st Skoch Summit was organized on the theme of "Infrastructure, Finance and Governance." This two-day national consultation from the India @ Work Series (India's largest government leadership summit) featured:

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Key Content:

  1. Power Panel on Bharat Nirman Perspective on Infrastructure, Finance & Governance
  2. Power Panel on Revisiting Financial Inclusion & Book Launch - Speeding Financial Inclusion
  3. National Consultation on Speeding Digital Inclusion
  4. Power Panel on Security & Disaster Management Perspective on Infrastructure, Finance & Governance
  5. Power Panel on Power Sector Perspective on Infrastructure, Finance & Governance
  6. Power Panel - Pillars of e-Governance
  7. Local Bodies and Economic Agenda
  8. Implications of Information Security on National Security

Research meetings, focus group discussions, field visits and e-discussions were carried out before the summit to bring a distillate to the table during the summit and evolve recommendations for appropriate policy responses to speed progess on one hand and to mitigate challenges on the other. This Conference provided a forum for discussion, collaboration and intellectual exchange for all those who were interested in any of these fields of research or practice.

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 Workshop on Role of Common Services Centers in Furthering Financial Inclusion Objectives